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In a matter of hours, your room can be transformed just by adding a mirror. This quick, cost-effective way of revitalizing a room adds a touch of elegance and helps create a more open, spacious feeling. Aside from the common uses, mirrors can also be used to create the illusion of space. A large mirror correctly installed can make any room look larger. Whether placed at the end of a hall or angled in a corner of a small room, the result provides the illusion of endless space. We also provide mirror glass replacement and mirror repair.

You'll be impressed by our team of installation professionals who provide the highest level of quality craftsmanship. We keep our scheduled appointments and leave your home clean and neat.

Call us for all your mirror needs, from traditional over-the-vanity products to a contemporary "wall of mirrors" in your workout room. At House of Glass we offer a complete line of mirrors - beveled mirrors, bathroom mirrors, closet door mirrors, bar mirrors, dance mirrors, to name a few. Many of our products can be custom ordered to create a special look or match an existing design. We can work off of your technical drawings and product specifications or work with you to provide the perfect solution to your mirror needs. If you don't see it here, give us a call, 630.834.3031, or use the contact feature. We welcome your comments, and invite you to contact House of Glass at any time regarding any of our products and services.

Mirror Styles

Mirror Styles, Clear Mirror

Clear Mirror

Mirror Styles, Bronze Mirror

Bronze Mirror

Mirror Styles, Gray Mirror

Gray mirror

Mirror Styles, Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Mirror Styles, Clear Mirror

Transparent Mirror

Note: One Way Mirror or Transparent Mirror acts as a one way mirror only when the light ratio is 10x greater on the viewed side. Also known as one way mirror, two way mirror, one way glass, two way glass and Mirropane.

Available Glass Styles

  • Transparent Mirror
  • Clear Mirror
  • Bronze Mirror
  • Gray mirror
  • Black Mirror