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Call House of GLASS at 630.834.3031
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Residential Glass

Whether it's a house, condo, apartment or townhouse, glass is a fact of life, your life. It's something you probably take for granted, until it breaks. No matter who you are or where you live, getting it repaired or replaced is as simple as calling House of Glass in Elmhurst, IL.

House of Glass can replace the glass in your residential windows. We replace just the window glass, cut to size, saving you from having to replace the entire frame and trying to match the existing paint or stain. If you have broken or cloudy windows, we can help! For new construction or rehab, energy-efficient insulated glass and thermally-improved framing are commonly specified and highly recommended for long-term savings, but single glass can also be used.

House of Glass specializes in custom cut glass table tops and replacements to provide protection for your fine and everyday furniture. Well measure or make template patterns to assure a perfect fit.

Other custom glass items for your home that House of Glass excels in - glass for cabinet doors, glass shelving, glass doors, glass walls, patio doors, glass enclosures, decorative and beveled mirrors, closet door mirrors, frameless glass shower doors and enclosures.

House of Glass offers a wide variety of transparent glass products, including bronze glass, gray glass "extra white" glass, obscure glass and patterned glass.